I heart
❤ all things pretty.
❤ crystals, rose quartz, corals, turquoise, etc.
❤ cutie stuffs.
❤ been making accessories for 10 years and going.
❤ unique one of a kind stuffs that only I can possess.
❤ coffee + cakes.
❤ being lazy.
❤ not young but trying to be young.
❤ the never ending lists.

I started my first online shop, Raspberry! Acessories, in 2001. Back then online shopping was still new so business was real slow. I got a small corner in Far East Plaza a year after, sold and made accessories there for 2 years. I had no time to maintain both sides so I closed down my site. Due to some personal reasons, I stopped selling and got a full time web designing job after 2 years. After stopping for so long, I’m starting this again due to the fact that I have way too much materials stash in my house. I spent so much on them, how could I give up? But that’s not the only reason of course. I love to hear the happy comments and see the happy faces of the customers who used to love my creations. 🙂

Logo designed by illustrator Manuela.


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